BikeKit’s Modular Delivey Boxes Saves USD 20,000 for Jovi In Shipping Cost

In the current light-of-situation the biggest challenge with procuring goods from overseas is the massive cost of shipping. Considering that standard delivery boxes are manufactured in a single shell structure; it occupies more space resulting in sky rocketing the cost of shipping. How to bring the shipping costs down? What is the success mantra? The Solution is a game changer

Is there a way to reduce the product shipping costs & hence save precious capital? Yes, there is a way! BikeKit’s team had envisaged way back in 2018, that players of ‘Last Mile Delivery’ will be paying unnecessary high shipping costs, if they would take delivery boxes as completely made unit. Since, its essentially, air, that’s getting shipped (whether by air or ship), the cost would spiral up, if the quantities are huge. The only way to optimize shipping costs, was to come up with a ‘modular concept.’ Our idea bore fruit, when Pakistan’s leading player, Zovi planned there expansion. They placed an order of 1000 boxes & guess what? Instead of boxes going in 3 containers, we shipped the entire material (in modular format) in just 1 container. It resulted in a saving of more than 20,000 USD!!

What is the use case about?High shipping cost to acquire ‘delivery boxes’ in your country of your choice
Who are the stakeholders / parties involved?Client: Jovi
SolutionProvider: BikeKit
TriggerCost of shipping the ‘Delivery Boxes’ are far higher than the boxes itself
What are the Pre-Conditions?
  1. Packaging volume of single shell standard delivery box
  2. Cost on shipping cost are based on dimension or Cubic Meter
Main Success StoryThe goal of reducing the shipping cost by almost 65% was achieved successfully saving Jovi USD 20,000.

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  • BikeKit’s Modular Delivey Boxes Saves USD 20,000 for Jovi In Shipping Cost