BikeKit’s Modular Delivey Boxes Saves USD 20,000 for Jovi In Shipping Cost

In the current light-of-situation the biggest challenge with procuring goods from overseas is the massive cost of shipping. Considering that standard delivery boxes are manufactured in a single shell structure; it occupies more space resulting in sky rocketing the cost of shipping. How to bring the shipping costs down? What is the success mantra? The […]

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How Jovi, one of the upcoming ‘Last Mile Delivery’ players in Pakistan, is making a huge splash & growing rapidly with superb brand recall, by using LED Delivery boxes

The boom of Last Mile Delivery is happening all across the world. The founders of Jovi, spotted a huge void in important cities of Pakistan and thought of tapping the market by launching a high-tech yet simple mobile application that allows consumers to order anything from anywhere in Islamabad and Rawalpindi at any time of the day from 8 am until 12 midnight. As a start-up, marketing their brand & reaching out to potential customers, and achieving a huge user base, was a big challenge. This challenge was addressed by BikeKit’s LED Panel Delivery boxes, which cannot be missed by anyone on the roads & has a potential to create a huge brand recall.