Rider Readiness

We have thought of a unique concept & named it ‘Rider Readiness.’ As the name suggests, we have designed a solution to determine if the rider is ready & safe to start his day or not. To achieve this, we will obtain the heart rate data from a chest belt, which will then be processed into patented software. The report from this software will reflect a person’s current stress level & overall health status, translated into a simple score. A good score will mean that the rider is good to go & can start his day happily!

Rider Well-Being

We believe that apart from determining ‘Rider Readiness,’ a continuous program that can enhance the rider’s well-being can also act as a very important motivator. We are working towards developing tools for nutrition, exercise & mindfulness that can help a rider stay fit & healthy. We would be happy to partner with last-mile delivery companies & custom make solutions for them, as per the challenges they are facing & objectives they want to achieve.