Delivery Boxes

We have LED Premium Backlight Boxes & Plain Boxes. Available in different sizes & customized as per your color requirement, they are mounted on scooters or motorbikes as a permanent fixture. Our product which is ‘UAE Industrial Design’ Approved & ‘Patent Pending’ is special, as the boxes are shipped in a modular format which can be assembled upon receipt.

Best LED delivery box suppliers in UAE
LED Budget Delivery Box

BikeKit’s ‘Industrial Design’ approved ‘ LED Budget Box,’ is a revolutionary product for Last Mile delivery players. As most of the companies are in a continuous expansion & growth spree, it becomes important for them to optimize their investments. BikeKit’s budget box are made as one shell & uses the backlit LED panel for branding. […]

Plain Delivery Box

These boxes do miss the advantage of LED Panel lighting, however, they are budget friendly & can be used for food delivery, couriers, newspaper delivery, etc.

LED delivery box in UAE
Best LED delivery box suppliers in UAE
LED Premium Delivery Box

World’s first semi-knocked down or modular backlit LED boxes, is a ‘Patent Pending’ & ‘UAE Industrial Design’ approved product. The boxes serve the dual purpose of being used for doing deliveries & also enhancing brand visibility.

Delivery Bags

These delivery bags are backpacks that are carried on the shoulders by a rider. We can tailor-make the bags as per the brand’s requirement for size, color, specifications, etc.

Courier delivery bags in UAE
Plain Delivery Bag

This is the most affordable & budget friendly delivery product offered by BikeKit®. The delivery backpacks are made with high grade quality raw material with excellent stitching quality. The Plain Delivery bags have heavy-duty back straps and excellent back cushioning to provide amazing comfort to the rider.

LED Delivery Bag

A super innovation done by BikeKit®! We have custom manufactured the LED Panel (IP 65 rated) to be used in the bag. It gives excellent marketing & branding opportunities. The LED can either be connected to the bike battery or with a customized power bank provided by us.

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Optional Delivery Enhancements

You can either add a cooling module or a heating module to the boxes & bags.

  • Cooling module
  • Heating Module