Distribution Program

Don’t miss the opportunity to become a part of the booming ‘Last Mile Delivery’ sector & grow your revenues! While we are looking for partners across the globe & would be happy to receive interests from anywhere, however, our current priority regions are Middle East, Africa, UK & EU.

The team at BikeKit brings an extensive experience of more than 3 decades of running distribution businesses for globally renowned brands in the Indian market. Those wonderful learnings have helped us create a ‘distribution program,’ keeping in mind the ‘win-win’ principle for all the stakeholders.

We believe in the practice of ‘selling through,’ rather than ‘sell to.’ For us, the distribution partnership goes much beyond just selling the products & it transcends into creation of amazing brand value, growing the market share, delivering excellent customer service, upholding the ethos & integrity of our organization. We want our distributor partner to believe into BikeKit’s philosophy & commit to deliver the same in the markets they would be representing us.    

What you can expect from us:

Become a reseller

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    3. What is the yearly turnover of the company?*

    4. What's the total employee strength?*

    5. What is the primary geographic area of your business operations?

    6. What is the current product / service that your company deals in?

    7. Do you distribute any other branded products? If yes, please mention the company or brand and the product.

    8. Do you have any customers who do Last Mile Delivery?*

    9. Would you be able to allot a dedicated space of 500-1000 Sq.ft. for BikeKit products & operations?*

    10. Do you have a sales person who can visit the market & generate leads, sales?*

    11. Do you have a resource who can do box fitting & necessary electrical connections on motorbikes?*

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    12. What do you find interesting in the BikeKit Re-Seller opportunity?*

    13. What would be your marketing plans to advertise, exhibit, and / or promote the complete BikeKit product line?

    14. Expected business that can be generated on monthly basis?

    15. Estimated Market Size (Number of bike riders doing deliveries)

    16. In what % division are the below products used for carrying deliveries?

    17. What's the approximate price (in USD) at which these products are currently available in your market?

    18. Who are the biggest delivery companies in your region?

    19. Who are the current suppliers / sellers of boxes or bags in your region? Please mention the website link also (if any).

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    20. Are there any Government regulations defined for the products? Like Size of box or bag, or safety requirement? etc.

    21. What's the import duty on these products?

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