RTA (Road Transport Authority)

Safety is of paramount importance for one & all. In UAE, Dubai’s RTA (Road Transport Authority) and Abu Dhabi’s DoT have laid guidelines for the delivery box that can be mounted on motorbikes.

BikeKit’s boxes fully comply with these guidelines. The same are as follows:

  • Dimensions: Length x Width x Height is 50x50x50 CMs for Dubai and 45x45x45 CMs for Abu Dhabi.
  • The boxes are equipped with LED Panel lights to ensure proper illumination & visibility to other road users.
  • The boxes are made from family of plastic materials and we do not use wood or iron.
  • Reflective stickers are pasted properly on the side & back of the box to enhance safety.
  • The corners of the box are round & not sharp to avoid any external injury.
  • Fixing of the box on the motorbike is done on proper angles using a base sheet, ensuring that there is no space between the structure & the box.

Thus, all our boxes are fully compliant to RTA & DoT guidelines.
NOTE: RTA doesn’t give approvals to any box manufacturers.

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